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From the Philippines and loves all things nerdy! She's been with us for over 5 years now. She is one of our best teachers and has taken up the role as trainer to help newer teachers find their footing! She also insists that I tell you that she's a Ravenclaw (Harry Potter reference).

Training is provided! Huzzah!

We provide 12 hours of paid training to help you get started. The support doesn't stop there though, as we also have many manuals and guides.

These support guides are there to help you be aware of things that you might not notice when providing a lesson to a Japanese student!

We also provide feedback frequently throughout your time with us so you are guaranteed to keep improving!

Generous Support


  • To help you focus on delivering quality lessons, we provide feedback often!
  • Lesson plans, books and materials provided!
  • If required to travel, we reimburse travel expenses!
  • Potential visa sponsorship and support 






School Manager

Monthly Event

Halloween 2019

Salary: 1100-1500


  • Cheap Japanese lessons through JapanSwitch (can be taken in-person or online!)
  • Friendly and engaged students
  • Sign up bonuses for when students sign up!
  • Both online and in-person events for cheap or often free monthly events to help you socialise with more people within and outside the company! 
  • Casual dress code, don't worry about your tattoos and piercings!
  • Supportive colleagues and friends within the company!

Hardware requirements

  • A PC/Laptop capable of running zoom (with a functioning webcam)
  • Zoom installed and updated
  • Able to teach at home, without much noise distraction
  • Unlimited use of internet
  • Strong and stable internet
  • Earphones or headset with a microphone



Visa and Scheduling requirements

  • A valid Japanese visa with permission to work
  • A commitment for at least 7 months.
  • Able to work a minimum of 12 hours a week with us



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