Challenges at OCE

Being a Teammate

We make a big effort to make One Coin English welcoming and supportive. We invest time and emotion in your development because we want you to leave us with much more work skills, knowledge, and self-knowledge than you joined our company.

We would like to work with people who are  happy and thankful for feedback, optimistic, honest and caring. We believe this is key to maintain an honest and open environment

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Earning Your Lessons

We expect teachers to improve their teaching skills. 90% of teachers receive 3 hours per shift and popular teachers average 3.8 hours per four hour shift. You are only paid for the hours you are booked.

We are here to support you and will provide 12 hours of paid training. Managers and veteran teachers are very supportive and will be happpy to answer your questions


Schedule Changes

Japanese students do not like teacher changes and want a consistent teacher to build a relationship with. If you want to take frequent vacations or change your work days frequently, we are not the place for you.

Note: we do not allow you to make any schedule changes during your first 3 months after finalizing with recruiter.

Taking Time Off

Teachers need to give 22 days advanced notice for time off because students make reservations 21 days in advance. Teachers must find a substitute teacher for days they want to take off. However, teachers in OCE frequently cover for one another.

The maximum vacation length is 16 days in a row including national holidays because 3 weeks without their regular teacher is too long for students.

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