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I started working at OCE Ginza from June 2019. Throughout these more than 5 months I could meet great people from all over the globe, listen to great life stories and overcome some challenges. Working here also gives me a new perspective on Japanese society and I hope I am helping my students too! My co-teachers and the staff are very supportive and friendly and the work environment is full of good vibes. I always dreamt of working in an international environment and OCE has realized that dream! Not only that, but it’s also awakened my passion for teaching!

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Maeva from France (Ginza School)


Mani from India (Shinjuku School)

"I started working in OCE Shinjuku from November 2018. I've made some life-long friends from across the world. The best part about OCE is the diversity in both the students and teachers. You get to meet and interact with people from all phases of life, gain valuable insights and experience through them too!"

Working in One Coin English for the last four months made a great impact to my life. I did not only get to help students but I also learned a lot from them and enjoyed every moment of it. One Coin English has also given me the opportunity to join events like beer event and Halloween party. It taught me to be more creative and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I have been so fortunate to be surrounded with great individuals who inspired me to do my best at work. One Coin English does a great job in providing a strong work-life balance!

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Nela from The Philippines (Shinjuku School)

Part Time English Teacher Tokyo Shinjuku

Ed from Indonesia (Shinjuku School)

Hey guys, my name is Ed. I’ve been working in OCE for a little over a year now and it has been a great and memorable experience! The best thing about the company is the relaxed atmosphere it creates between students and teachers, making talking to them and teaching much more rewarding. The co-workers are amazing. I have made some great friends in OCE (mostly through the exchange of thoroughly horrible jokes).

I’ve been working at OCE for over a year and it’s one of my best experience in Japan. I’ve never thought that teaching could be this fun. The teachers and the staff are very helpful and the school is so cozy and relaxing. The students are diverse and amazing. Teaching at OCE is fulfilling and it has helped me develop and improve my quality characters and skills.


Ilma from Indonesia (Kichijoji School)


Dave from America (Ueno School)

Hello, my name is Dave! I’ve been working for OCE for almost 2.5 years. I Worked for one year in Yokohama and a little over one year in Gotanda and now I’m the teacher manager of the 9th school in the system. Before I started working here, I had zero teaching experience but they were welcoming and taught me everything I needed to become a successful teacher. It’s my hope to continue to grow and improve the OCE name

I came to Japan at the beginning of July 2019, but started OCE at the end of September. I wanted to treat the first few weeks of Japan as a holiday and so travelled around as much as possible during that time. Once I had travelled around I had to start all the practical things like getting a job, bank account and things like that which I thought was quite difficult if you don’t know Japanese, but considering I know absolutely no Japanese it was definitely easier than I thought it’d be to get around by myself. Especially with articles online helping you out along the way and google translate it’s definitely doable to get whatever you need. It did take me a while to get used to the train systems since I’ve never really used anything like it in England, but apart from this it was relatively quick to adjust to big city life in my opinion. Having said that, England is pretty different in terms of culture so it was very interesting to see the differences, I had to be careful that I wasn’t isolating myself too much or going through culture shock as it can creep up on you!


Dhari from The United Kingdom (Various Schools)


Drew from Australia (Kichijoji School)

I’m Drew from Australia. I’ve been working at OCE for over 6 months now and have really enjoyed it. The people I work with are awesome and we often help each other with lesson plans and any other problems we may have. One Coin English prides itself on having a relaxed atmosphere and I think that is also present in Kichijoji. I am always happy going to work and feel comfortable being myself at work.

You’ve probably seen me around the schools, and you’ll probably see more of me in the future. Working in OCE has been life changing. Because the company welcomes people from all over the world, I have met a lot of interesting people and learned about different cultures. However, not only do I work with many talented individuals, but I also get to teach students who have genuine curiosity about the world outside Japan. I started when the company was 6 months old and to see and be part of its growth has been really fulfilling. The company opened up a lot of opportunities for me to learn and do new things, such as learning how to manage people and doing trainings for new teachers.


Abi from The Philippines (Various Schools)


Jordan from America (Yokohama School)

Working at OCE has made me feel more at home in Japan. As a non-Japanese person, I have often felt out of place living in Japan even though Japanese people are kind and understanding. My coworkers, staff and teachers alike, are like family to me and have made it so much easier to be myself. I've learned so much from my students and feel so good when I can help them speak English or just relax and have a good conversation. OCE is as much a home to me as Japan is!

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