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We will share some blog posts on how to get a job in Japan and also on how to become a good teacher.

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Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (Discounts!)

Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (with some Discounts!) This is part of our “Sharehouse in Tokyo” Series. We will update these articles periodically with new promotions and discounts. Sharehouses in Tokyo Imagine this: you’ve finally got that sweet, sweet visa to live out in Japan, but now the other hard…
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Teaching Jobs for foreigners

The Ultimate Guide for teaching jobs as a foreigner Ultimate guide for English Teaching in Tokyo You’ve come to the right place to find teaching jobs for foreigners!  Finding a teaching job even in this economical climate shouldn’t have to be hard! We’ve put together this as a guide to help people who have never…
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Working Holiday Experience from New Zealand

My Working Holiday From New Zealand Experience This is my Working Holiday Experience as a New Zealander and Australian. filled with English teaching, working, and living in Japan as a kiwi! Hopefully by reading through this you can enjoy my story but also make your own decision when coming to Japan! My working holiday experience…
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Working Holiday Japan Guide: Things you need to know

Working Holiday In Tokyo, Japan! With 2020 just around the corner more foreigners than ever before are coming to Japan. Many have chosen to come as tourists, language students and others on working holiday visas. A lot of people want to work and travel in Tokyo, Japan and wonder what life is like in Japan…
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Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo for cafe workers

The Ultimate Guide to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo

Our definitive guide to part-time jobs in Tokyo will help you increase your options for part-time jobs and potentially help prevent you from jumping at the first opportunity that arises. Despite what many people think, many part-time jobs in Tokyo are actually aimed at foreigners and...
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Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Person scanning a barcode in retail

Part Time Jobs in Yokohama

So you want to see your options for Part Time Jobs in Yokohama - or as some would put it - the better Tokyo. Less people, more affordable, what’s not to like? Not only does it have a lively city atmosphere...
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