Part-time Job in Tokyo & Yokohama

One Coin English, or OCE, is an eikawa (英会話) based in Tokyo. We teach conversational English to wonderful students based in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Our mission is to improve the number of English speakers in Japan by providing high-quality and affordable lessons that employ talented people no matter their nationality. We offer a great opportunity for a part-time job in Tokyo!

The Ideal Place for a Part-Time Job

in Tokyo

Why Teach as a Part-Time Job at OCE?

Our Misson

Japan has recently dropped positions in English proficiency among non-native countries. In a recent National Assessment, more than 60% of Japanese high school students didn't score a single question in the speaking section of the test. Part of our mission is to increase the number of English speakers in Japan by providing high-quality lessons!

Japanese people often study English for years during school days and also when in university. However, most of the time, English is treated like a difficult-to-understand science and little, to no speaking, is done.

We want to help improve Japan's English level and contribute to making this amazing country more globalized by giving lessons focused on conversation.

No Experience? No Problem!

We provide comprehensive support for our new part-time teachers, including training sessions, ongoing observations, and constructive feedback. In other words, we will help you become an effective teacher by developing your skills and helping you increase your knowledge.

What we offer: a part-time job with 12 hours of paid training + constant feedback from the Teacher Managers!

Our lessons are operated on a hybrid model of both online and in-person lessons

Be Yourself in your Part-time job!

We celebrate the diversity of individuals, welcoming people's unique personalities, styles, fashion choices, and ways of thinking. Plus, we are okay with piercings and tattoos!

We are cool with accents

OCE accepts all nationalities and non-native speakers: in fact, our schools have teachers from over 34 countries!

Meet people from all over the world!

Booking System

Our operation is based on a booking system, similar to most eikawas. Additionally, our students can schedule lessons up to 21 days ahead!

Don't worry, we guarantee payment for 70% of your slots for the first and second months!

Convenient Work Locations

We currently have 11 schools! 9 schools are in the Tokyo area and 1 in Yokohama, as well as an Online school!