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Working a part-time job in Iidabashi is a unique experience. Being one of the newest schools to open, One Coin English Iidabashi is all about expressing yourself and building yourself up! Teachers here are open to anyone who is passionate and can speak English. Diversity gives our school a very happy and passionate atmosphere. We welcome teachers with tattoos, dyed hair, and all types of fashion. Students respect and love teachers for who they are and are curious about different cultures. 



Hello Guys! My name is Erika and I’m from Hungary. I came to Japan in September 2017, I started working for OCE in October. We are one of the smaller OCE families, the school is really cozy and the team is great.


The teacher is very kind and teaches me the small details slowly and carefully, so I can study easily. The price was very low compared to other schools, and there was a course that I could take eight times a month when choosing a private lesson plan, meaning I could afford to practice more!
What Makes Us Different?
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Don't be scared to be yourself

Teachers and Students in One Coin English Iidabashi welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds. Teachers and staff are like family, we all support, listen and care for each other. We love getting to know you as an individual and share great experiences together. Teachers love eating dinner together and go sing karaoke after work. 

Life in Iidabashi

A traditional district

Iidabashi is one of the few places off the beaten path where you can see and experience the traditional culture in Tokyo. Locals know it as both a traditional and trendy spot with Kagurazaka stealing the show. While not being as upscale as Ginza and not as traditional as Kyoto, it definitely deserves some exploration before or after your shift. 

With many food stores, the smell of fresh fried fish and varied restaurants will definitely draw your tastebuds for a closer look... or taste. Whether you are a vegetarian,
Pescetarian, or an all-out meat lover, they have all the stores you need to make sure you leave with a serious case of "ImTooFull"!

Not Hungry? Why not visit the many shrines and temples nearby to receive your blessings for the week? 

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