Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (Discounts!)

Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (with some Discounts!)

This is part of our "Sharehouse in Tokyo" Series. We will update these articles periodically with new promotions and discounts.

Sharehouse in Tokyo

Sharehouses in Tokyo

Imagine this: you’ve finally got that sweet, sweet visa to live out in Japan, but now the other hard part starts: Finding Tokyo housing. Whether you’re here on a working holiday, going to university, studying Japanese, or just working, getting housing and accommodation in Tokyo can seem like a daunting task even when in the country. For those of you outside of Tokyo or even back in your home country, finding housing in Tokyo may appear to be one of the toughest steps. We made this blog post to help anyone looking for housing in Tokyo get settled out here through sharehouses! If you want a sharehouse in Tokyo we got you covered. In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on our top picks for sharehouses in Tokyo as well as the perks and even some discounts/promotions that you can find with each of them. We'll keep updating this article as new promotions become available so be sure to check back in whenever you need a new place!

What is a sharehouse? 

If you are from outside of Japan, sharehouses are probably not that commonplace even if you are from a place where having roommates is common. Sharehouses are a somewhat unique concept mostly limited to the bigger cities in Japan such as Osaka or Tokyo. To put it simply sharehouses are just big houses with many rooms inside that people can rent out. For the most part kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and bathtubs are shared and in certain houses, there is a common area for residents to dine and watch tv or lounge. Living in a sharehouse in Tokyo is a great way to make friends especially if you just moved to the city and want to connect with other foreigners or meet Japanese people.

Benefits of living in a sharehouse in Tokyo

There are quite a few benefits to living in a sharehouse in Tokyo especially for foreigners. The first is the cost. In terms of price, most sharehouses in Tokyo are much cheaper overall than apartments in Japan. If you want to rent a Tokyo apartment, you can expect to shell out anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 yen in initial costs. This is quite steep especially if you are coming to Japan on a working holiday or are a University/Japanese language school student. With sharehouses you would pay about one-tenth of the initial cost it would be to move into an apartment at around 30,000 to 50,000 yen! As another benefit, to live in most sharehouses in Tokyo you do not need a guarantor, which would be required if you wanted to rent an apartment in Tokyo. 

Month to month, sharehouses in Tokyo are quite a bit cheaper than apartments as well. Since all utilities are shared, you would usually pay a very cheap flat rate for water, electricity, gas, and even wifi. Month to month the rent is usually a lot less expensive with sharehouses in Tokyo than with apartments in Tokyo and you get a nice bonus of having a decent-sized, fully furnished kitchen, living area, and bedroom! 

How to find a sharehouse in Tokyo?

Now if a sharehouse in Tokyo seems like the thing for you, you might be wondering “how do I find one?” Thankfully we have been able to find some of the best sharehouses in Tokyo available for foreigners as well as some great promotions and discounts for them also!

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    Xrosshouse Sharehouse in Tokyo logo

    Xross house (Sharehouse in Tokyo)

    Xross House (pronounced cross house) is the first Tokyo sharehouse company on our list and definitely has some of the best cost-performance available in the market. Xrosshouse has a ton of options with 400 houses and 5000 accommodations to choose from that you can see in this link. Locations are mainly within Tokyo and its surrounding areas such as Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. For those of you that want to live in the western Kansai region of Japan, they do also have some properties in Osaka. 

    What is Xross house like?

    If you are someone that wants to make Japanese friends, practice the language, but still meet other foreigners, Xross house is a great sharehouse company to check out. Xross house has a nice mix of Japanese and foreign residents living in their sharehouses in Tokyo with a majority being in their 20’s to 30’s in terms of age. Around 40% of the Xross house residents are foreigners from all over the world with the remaining 60% being people from Japan.    

    Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or something in between, Xross house has a variety of houses that suit every need. The two main types of Share houses that are available are the Xross house series and the SA-Xross house series. 

    Xross house series Sharehouses are best for those that would like to socialize and meet new people. These houses will have a shared living room and dining area that gives you the chance to meet your fellow residents. Anyone that wants to practice Japanese or meet other foreigners is highly recommended to live in this type of house!

    SA-Xross house sharehouses on the other hand are more catered to those that would prefer less contact with their fellow residents. Unlike the regular series, these houses don't have a common area/dining room. Another benefit of the SA-Xross house sharehouses is that they tend to be a bit on the lower end of the price range as well.

    Regardless of the Share house series you choose, Xross house offers gender-specific sharehouses as well! While most of their sharehouses are Unisex, Xross house does also have Women and Men only options for those that would feel more comfortable living with others of the same gender.  

    Room of a Sharehouse in Tokyo

    Room Types

    With Xross house you have a few different options for rooms: 

    Private room
    The most common room type available is private, these rooms are pretty much what you would expect from a sharehouse in Tokyo, you have your own furnished room and the bathrooms, showers, and kitchen would be shared. This type of room would start at 30,000 yen per month. 

    Semi-private room
    Semi-private rooms are another type of room that you can rent out. These rooms are one big room with a partition in between that separates the room into two separate living spaces. Ceiling lights and air conditioning would be shared but otherwise, the partition allows for complete privacy. These rooms are also furnished with a bed, lamp, desk/chair, and more! This room is meant to give a cheaper alternative to the private room while still allowing for a good amount of privacy. Semi-private rooms start at 39,800 yen per month. 

    Dormitory-style room
    Dormitory style rooms are the cheapest option available in these sharehouses in Tokyo and are almost all located in very convenient, central locations. These rooms are shared with other residents and you would have your own bunk with a curtain for privacy as well as storage space and locker. Residents living in the dormitory-style room would also have their own reading light, clothes hanger, sliding table, and outlets. The main benefit of the dormitory-style rooms are the low price point relative to their central locations, starting at 29,800 yen per month. 

    For those that would prefer to have their own apartment rather than live in a sharehouse in Tokyo, Xross house has you covered. You can find a variety of apartments through their website that are all fully furnished with a bed, microwave, fridge and more! These Xross house apartments start from 69,000 yen per month and are on the same month to month contract as their other Sharehouses. There is also no costly reikin (key money) or shikikin (deposit) included in the initial costs of moving into these apartments so that you can move into their apartments for a much lower price than other apartments in Japan.

    Initial and monthly costs

    The initial move-in costs would be 30,000 yen for private, semi-private, or dormitory-style rooms and 50,000 yen for apartments. The month to month cost consists of the rent, the flat utility fee of 10,000 yen, and the cost of any extra options you have chosen. Utilities covered include all gas, electricity, water, and even internet/wifi! In terms of the extra options that are available, you can choose things such as bike parking or rent bedding if you need it for an additional fee.

    Sharehouse in Tokyo Perks

    Perks and services

    With Xross house one of the nicest perks is that you can change rooms and even houses, free of charge! This perk is definitely a huge plus and is pretty unique to this sharehouse in Tokyo. Moving will become much cheaper and fluid if you ever happen to be in a pinch. Another perk for those that would like to move in at a later date, Xross house allows you to reserve rooms for free for up to 2 months in advance, something that is not common with Sharehouses in Tokyo.

    Many additional services come with the sharehouse as well. Things such as pots, pans, and other cooking ware are provided. In addition to this pantries, are regularly stocked with seasonings, sauces, and other cooking materials for you to use. Once a week professional cleaners will also visit to clean the common areas and shared spaces so things are nice and tidy regardless of the sharehouse you are in. 

    A small perk that you might get with your Xross house sharehouse in Tokyo is that certain houses come equipped with a smart lock system. An app called bitkey is used to lock and unlock your door using just your smartphone!

    Promotions and discounts

    Xross House has a promotion going on (as of November 2021) that will make the first month of rent completely free if you stay for at least 3 months! For more information, you can check their website and inquire here!

    Sharehouse in Tokyo logo

    Oakhouse (Sharehouse in Tokyo)

    Oakhouse is the next company on our list and is one of the top sharehouses in Tokyo for foreigners! With around 6400 rooms, Oakhouse is one of the biggest names among sharehouses in Tokyo, known for their Social residences and the great amenities available.  

    What is Oakhouse like?

    Oakhouse is the place to be for anyone that wants to socialize and meet other foreigners as well as Japanese people. Approximately 60% of their residents are Japanese and 40% foreigners of all nationalities while around 40% are women and 60% are men. Oakhouse is mostly a younger crowd with 80% of the residents being in their 20’s and 30’s. This sharehouse is especially great for anyone that has just arrived in the country that is looking to make friends and build a network here in Tokyo.    

    Most people living in Oakhouse are full time workers who make up around 48% of the people there. However, a good chunk of their residents are Students (25%), freelancers (15%), and even working holidayers (10%)! If you are from a foreign country here on a working holiday, there is a good chance you can meet working holidayers in your building to hangout with. 

    A huge part of the appeal of Oakhouse is that many of their houses have wonderful amenities. Things like pool tables, multipurpose studios, Bar areas, and office spaces are just some of the many fun amenities available to use with your fellow sharehouse mates.

    Sharehouse in Tokyo Amenities

    Room types

    The room types available are all fully furnished and would be pretty similar to those available in Oakhouse is similar to other sharehouses in Tokyo: 

    • Private rooms: Your own room with complete privacy. 
    • Semi-private rooms: a single shared room with a partition for privacy. The air conditioning, as well as the main lighting, would be shared. 
    • Dorm-style rooms: A room shared with multiple residents with bunk beds as well as lockers for storage.
    • Apartments: A fully furnished apartment that has your own bathroom, shower, and kitchen areas. Wifi/internet is included.  

    That being said there are a few other, more unique options such as:

    • Shared rooms: This is a room meant to accommodate 2 people. These rooms have more space than the regular dorm-type rooms. Great for couples and friends. 
    • Compartment rooms: These rooms are another pretty unique one. They are similar to a dorm room in the sense that they are shared with multiple residents, however, each person would have their own compartment similar to a sleeping car on a train. These compartments would have a bed as well as some extra space and furnishing. 

    But what really makes Oakhouse stand out is the types of residences they have. This sharehouse in Tokyo is known for having very unique and social-based residences that have all the different room types that we listed above! The types of residences are:

    Social residences
    This type of residence is one of the most sought after sharehouses in Tokyo. The idea of social residences is to provide a place that allows for people to meet others as well as have fun! Amenities between the residents differ but they can include things like multi-purpose studios open for 24 hours, office spaces, bar area, theaters, and more! Another great thing is that you can hold and attend events such as seminars, workshops, and classes on-site through their social application service. 

    Gran stay
    If you are expecting a shorter stay, want a convenient location, or just want to experience the luxurious atmosphere of a hotel every day, the Gran stay series may be for you! Oakhouse’s Gran stay series are all hotels that you can live in under the Oakhouse sharehouse contract. Though the price point does tend to be a bit higher, it is quite reasonable once you factor in the central and convenient locations of the hotel as well as the length of your stay. 

    Regular type of sharehouse in Tokyo with common areas. Based on the sharehouse you choose, they may have some of the amenities provided at the social residences such as fitness studios and theaters as well. 

    Those that want their own residence can choose to live in one of Oakhouse’s fully furnished apartments. With these apartments, you can move in at the same contract fee offered for their sharehouses.  


    Perks and Services

    In addition to their many amenities, Oakhouse comes with a ton of perks and services offered at their various properties. Going true with Oakhouses commitment to socializing and building a community, Appbox is Oakhouse’s own app that you can use to connect and network with fellow Oakhouse residents. In addition to this, they also offer their Social Apps that allow you to set up and attend events, or even offer services! For those that have skills or services that can be provided, this is a great way to make some extra money freelancing and building clientele.

    Promotions and discounts

    Oakhouse has quite a few programs available that could save you quite a bit of money! Sign up for Oakhouse through here and get 10,000 yen worth of PAO points that you can use toward moving in or paying rent! 

    You can add on to the savings even more with their FIX program that is available through their site. If you know the exact month that you will leave their sharehouse, you can receive up to 50,000 yen worth of PAO points. These points can be spent toward moving into a different Oakhouse location or even exchanged for cash! 

    Sharehouse in Tokyo

    GGhouse (Sharehouse in Tokyo)

    GGhouse is another big name on this list of sharehouses in Tokyo. This sharehouse company provides some of the cheapest sharehouse options available around Tokyo and its surrounding areas. With over 400 properties and more than 6000 rooms throughout Japan, you are sure to find a budget friendly place to stay with GGhouse!

    What is it like living in GGhouse?

    GGhouse has a ratio of around 50% foreigners and 50% Japanese. Majority of the foreign residents at GGhouse are from countries around Asia, but they do have a fair share of people from other parts of the world as well. This definitely provides a good opportunity for anyone that wants to get in some practice with their Japanese since communication between housemates will likely be in Japanese (though English may also be an option!).   

    Room types

    Majority of the rooms available at GGhouse are private rooms, however, dormitory-style rooms are available in some houses too. One of the more unique room types provided at GGhouse are private rooms that have private kitchens as well. These are really nice for people that cook a lot and don't want to deal with the rush of the shared kitchens during peak meal times such as lunch or dinner. 

    Women and men only residences are available for those that would like to live in a sharehouse in Tokyo with only the same gender.

    Initial and monthly costs

    Cost-wise, GGhouse is one of the cheapest options for a sharehouse in Tokyo. There is not an initial contract fee and you would only need to pay the daily amount of the first month’s rent to move in (if you move in after the 10th, you would pay the daily amount of the first month and the full amount for the second month’s rent).

    Each month you would pay the base rent cost as well as a service fee that varies based on the location that you move into. In the case that you move out of a sharehouse in Tokyo run by GGhouse before 3 months have passed there will be a 20,000 yen cleaning fee.

    Perks and services

    GGhouse offers the similar basic services provided by most sharehouses. Things like cooking equipment such as pots and pans, sauces and spices, and certain toiletries are provided. Like most other sharehouses in Tokyo, staff will be by once a week to clean common areas such as bathrooms and showers. One nice perk is that in addition to rooms being furnished, all beddings will be provided by GGhouse as well including pillows, mattresses, and sheets for most rooms at no extra charge.  

    Promotions and discounts

    Currently (as of February 2021) GGhouse is offering your first month of rent completely free when you move in! Both the first month’s rental fee and service fee will be free if you stay for a period of 3 months or more. All you need to do is put down the second month’s service fee and rent down to move right in. You can apply to move in even from abroad so definitely don't miss this chance! Contact us at recruiterteam@onecoinenglish.com and we will get you in touch with a representative from GGhouse to set you right up!

    That’s all... for now

    Thanks for sticking through our top picks for sharehouses, we hope that you were able to find a sharehouse in Tokyo that works for you. If not, no worries! Please don't hesitate to check this article again as we will be updating it with more promotions and sharehouses going forward.

    That being said, getting a sharehouse or apartment is not the only part of getting situated in Japan. For those of you that are also in the market for work, check out our part-time jobs in Tokyo or part-time jobs in Yokohama articles. If you know you want to get into the teaching industry, check out our site and apply for a teaching position with us here at One Coin English!

    In the meantime happy sharehouse hunting!