Lesson Goals at OCE

Lesson Goals

  • Goal one is to get students to speak 70% of the lesson
  • Goal two is to break down new things into easily digestible pieces and get students to understand the whole by the end
  • Goal three is to make students feel they were able to do something they did not know they were capable of.

Teaching Materials

  1. 12 Hours Paid Training + Observations for Teachers
  2. 6 Levels from Beginner to High Intermediate
  3. Speak Now Series by Oxford University Press
  4. Digital and physical lesson plans
speak now 4

Lesson Types at OCE

  1. Group Lessons: Same students and same teacher each week (up to 7 students)
  2. Private Lessons: Just one student and they choose their teacher
  3. Private Pair Lessons: Two students


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