OCE Requirements

Minimum Work Requirements

  • Must be 20 years or older
  • Must have valid work visa or permission to work
  • Maximum transportation reimbursement of 15000 yen monthly
  • Available to work a minimum of 15 hours a week

Scheduling Requirements

  • Available to work a minimum of 9 months
  • Available to work 1 day on the weekend
  • Available to work weekdays 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • 15 Hours at minimum weekly

Visa Requirements

  • You need a valid visa that has 9 months or more left.
  • A valid visa could be a work visa or student, working holiday visa too!
  • Depending on the visa, there may be a few restrictions (like having the Work Permission Stamp) so please do some research!

Personality Requirements

  • Desire to help students improve their English
  • Enjoys speaking with people
  • Prioritizes the students' needs to learn

Teacher Leveling System

New Teachers Start at 1200 Yen

Do You Meet our Minimum Requirements?

If so, come take a look at our lessons at OCE and see if we are a match for you.

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