Challenges at OCE

Being a Teammate

One Coin English understands that to make a job enjoyable the workplace needs to be welcoming and supportive. School managers, staff, and fellow teachers help make OCE the place you want to come back to after every shift. We hope you will also help contribute to this honest, caring, and open environment.

However, we do know, not everyone’s future goals or vision include teaching. Whatever your future path or goals may be, we help prepare you for that by giving you honest feedback, knowledge, and support during your time here to help you gain new insights and skills. Most skills learned with us are transferable to other sectors. Want to go into translation, start your own business, or even do something artistic?

The beauty of teaching is that you’ll get both the freedom and structure that allows you to work on building rapport, break down information into easily understandable and digestible pieces, and jog your creativity! 

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Earning Your Lessons

We are here to support you and will provide 12 hours of paid training. Everyone from Managers, trainers, and recruiters to veteran teachers, is very supportive and is happy to answer your questions or impart advice!

We have found a flow to help you improve your teaching at a good pace but we also expect you to try your best. As our teachers are only paid for the slots they are booked for, we do recommend doing the most to try to increase your bookings!

However, don't let that deter you. We are very careful in hiring. We only hire a new teacher in a school if we know they will be booked at least 60% of the time!

Scheduling/Time Off

Our best teachers have one thing in common: consistency. Students build trust and a bond with a teacher who is available at the same time each week. We found that our teachers who change their schedule often or take a lot of time off aren’t as popular with students.

For those who want to take a holiday, we do allow 2 consecutive weeks of time off. We would recommend if you are planning to travel a lot, to time it well with the national holidays, there are a few holiday periods where we are closed for 4-6 days at a time such as Obon or Golden Week. However, if you plan to take extended vacation time (3+ weeks) often - we would not recommend applying.

Note: If you have any days you will be out of Tokyo during the first 3 months, be sure to tell us during the interview or application process.

Taking time off requires teachers to give 22 days advance notice because students are able to make reservations up to 21 days in advance. 22 days also allows us plenty of time to find cover for the lessons.

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