Why Join OCE

Quickly Growing Company

  • Grown from 3 to 100+ staff in 4 years.
  • Grown from renting a space in Kabukicho to 10 schools in Kanto.
  • New Teacher Managers for our new schools are hired internally.
  • Monthly events to help with socializing.

Generous Support for Teachers

  • Lesson plans, support materials, games, and flashcards provided
  • Japanese Books and the option to Study Japanese
  • 12 Hours Paid Training + Observations for Teachers
  • Paid travel costs
  • Paid time off
  • Feedback and improvement system
  • Discount with various sharehouses across Tokyo
Life in Gotanda

Strong Community

  • International Community and Teachers from Various Countries
  • Many Teachers are Friends outside of School
  • Head Teachers and Veteran Teachers are Happy to Share Tips
  • Multiple School and Company Events through the Year

Culturally Enriching

  • Share and receive recommendations from real Japanese people.
  • Understand more about the cultural differences between your home country and Japan.
  • Learn about different cultures and experiences from the diverse staff!

Japanese Classes

One of our missions as a company is to increase the amount of bilingual people in Japan. To help us achieve this mission for both Japanese and foreigners, we launched a morning-only Japanese school in December 2018 in collaboration with the famous COTO Language Academy to launch a low-cost version of their premium lessons.

As an added bonus, teachers at One Coin English can learn at a subsidized rate.

Monthly Events

It's not just a workplace. We make it more accessible for our teachers to socialize and meet Japanese people as well as other nationals to widen their community here in Japan. 

We have monthly events such as Cherry blossom Picnics, Summer boat cruises, Beer Garden parties, Halloween, New Year, Game Nights (and more, many more) 

Inspire students to become better