Transform your Working Holiday in Japan with English Teaching

One Coin English gives you not only a job but also a community.

Come teach while making lasting connections with other teachers from various backgrounds. Share your culture with each other and with our lovely students.

Make the most out of your working holiday here in Japan!

Our mission

Language is the gateway into a global mindset.

We're dedicated to creating an environment where learners from Japan and teachers from all over the globe can share experiences and cultures.

It's about the exchange that happens when people from different worlds come together. The exchange that happens in the school and in the classrooms is what can pull people from vastly different worlds together.

So share your culture, build connections that span borders, and find a home in Japan here at OCE.

How we make a difference

At One Coin English, we aim to impact individual lives and

foster personal growth.

We believe that by influencing even just one student,

we can trigger a positive chain reaction.

Through English teaching, we have found that we can enrich the students' cross-cultural knowledge and global perspective.

We hope the students can engage with a wider range of people, media, and opportunities, and ultimately inspire positive change within themselves and Japan.

Join us in making a difference, making someone's world a little bigger every day!

"Tell me more"

Okay, read on!

Why Working Holiday visa holders work with us?

We're looking for passionate, adventurous individuals who are eager to explore new cultures and share their own!

For international individuals on working holiday visas, OCE offers an opportunity where you can get first-hand experience working in Japan while having the time and flexibility to explore the country!

You'll not only teach English but also engage in cultural exchanges with over 50 nationalities represented among our staff and students.

Teach, Travel, and Discover

english teaching jobs in tokyo


Dive into the enriching field of English language teaching and add a valuable international dimension to your resume. With us, you'll develop essential skills like cross-cultural communication and effective lesson planning, all while working in Japan’s esteemed educational sector.



Your journey as an English teacher at One Coin English isn’t just a job; it's a career catalyst that could open doors to more opportunities, either further expanding your career with us or as a stepping stone to get to to field you want in Japan!



One Coin English is a melting pot of cultures where diversity is not just welcomed but celebrated. Work alongside people from across the globe and immerse yourself in a dynamic cultural exchange that enriches your life and broadens your worldview!

So... What do you need to apply?

  • Fluency in English
  • Commitment to at least 9 months
  • Valid working holiday visa in Japan
  • Living within a 500 yen commuting distance
  • Age 20 or above
  • Available to work a minimum of 15 hours/week: This hours are usually split into 2 weekdays shifts and a mandatory weekend day full-shift

To get started with your application, please have these items ready:

And... What do we not require?

Link to JapanSwitch blog

Japanese Language Skill? Not required.

If you’re worried about not speaking Japanese, don’t be. Our classes are all in English, and we focus on giving our students full-on English lessons.

No Teaching Experience? No problem.

Never taught before? That’s totally fine with us. We’re looking for people with a passion for English and a desire to learn, we provide the training tailored to get you comfortable and confident in leading a classroom.


Once you've completed the application form, we'll review it thoroughly. Only those who successfully pass the screening process will be contacted to proceed to the next step.

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