School Culture and Feel

Many Cultures - One Dream

 The school culture in One Coin English Gotanda is all about international friendship. Like teachers, students come from many different backgrounds such as office workers, housewives, entrepreneurs, artists, hairdressers, etc. Some students want to learn English to climb the corporate ladder and achieve their dreams. On the other hand, some students want to have fun and make new friends. Teaching here is great because students and teachers have mutual respect and care for each other.



Hello Guys! My name is Erika and I’m from Hungary. I came to Japan in September 2017, I started working for OCE in October. We are one of the smaller OCE families, the school is really cosy and the team is great.


Private lessons are very easy because you can book lessons according to your work hours. In addition, the teachers are fun every time. It's a great place to study because the teachers will explain the phrases you do not understand.
What Makes Us Different?

Work Hard Play Hard

Here at One Coin English Gotanda, we have teachers from more than 8 different countries which allows us to experience an international environment firsthand in Tokyo. Teachers here have very similar traits: Positive, ambitious, friendly, outgoing, love teaching and having fun. Even though we have much going on outside out of school we always smile and do our absolute best. Usually, teachers hang out together, have dinner, and talk about our lives. We love bonding and we are a close-knit group and we look forward to meeting you!

Life in Gotanda

Fun along the Meguro River

Gotanda is conveniently located between Shibuya and Shinagawa, it offers less crowded lines than other major stations in Tokyo. We have many izakayas, all kinds of restaurants, karaoke, cafes, etc. To teach English part-time in One Coin English is an amazing experience since after work, there are so many great things to do and experience. Last but not least, our school, is located 2 minutes away by walk from the JR Yamanote Line and the Tokyu Ikegami line.

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