Directions to the Yokohama School JR South

      Yokohama - Photo Guide

Photo Guide from JR South Exit

(Picture 1 ) Once you've exited from the JR South Exit, follow the exit sign for the S.West Exit.

(Picture 2) Once past the escalator, still following the signs, please go up one more level.

(Picture 3) Now you can finally see the daylight (and a sign for McDonalds)! Walk straight towards the South West Exit sign.

(Picture 4) Near the sign, you’ll see a Koban (police station). Turn left towards it.

(Picture 5) At the Koban turn left.

(Picture 6) Keep going straight. You will pass a Mcdonald's, a Taito Station and Dospara computer shop.

(Picture 7 and 8) Follow the street and turn right. (You will see a pedestrian overpass on the left).

(Picture 9) Keep going straight until you see the second bridge, on the left.

(Picture 10 and 11) Cross the bridge and immediately turn right. You’ll see VIVRE. Go towards it and turn right.

(Picture 12) Keep walking forwards, past Bershka. Turn left at the end of the road.

(Picture 13) Turn left and follow the road.

(Picture 14 and 15) Walk straight, (Past the HairASHmake, Lawson and The Knot hotel).

(Picture 16) Once you reach the traffic lights, cross the road and turn left. Please stop at the red post box (You’ll see a red Cloud Nine Studio sign on your right).

(Picture 17) After the red box, you have arrived! Turn right (Same building as the MDI and Mandi Bali).

(Picture 18) Congratulations! You’re there! The Buildings name is Toshin 24, the school is on the 5th floor.

(Picture 19 and 20) Step out of the elevator and go straight. Then turn left near the end of the corridor into the school!