Getting a Japanese Phone Number The Easy Way

japanese phone number

When you find yourself in Japan, having a local phone number is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a resident, a tourist, or an expatriate, having a Japanese phone number ensures you can stay connected, access essential services, and navigate the country with ease. Almost everything in Japan requires a phone…

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Beach in Tokyo To Go During Summer

beach in tokyo

When one thinks of Tokyo, images of towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and vibrant city life often come to mind. However, Tokyo offers more than just urban delights. Nestled along its coastline are a variety of beautiful beaches that provide an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. From the energetic and crowded shores to the…

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Tokyo Fireworks August 2023

Tokyo Fireworks

As the warm summer breeze sweeps across the bustling streets of Tokyo, a sense of excitement and anticipation for Tokyo Fireworks in August fills the air. August is a month of vibrant celebration in the heart of Japan’s capital, marked by a spectacular array of fireworks festivals that paint the night sky with a kaleidoscope…

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TOP 6 Things to Do in Tokyo for Obon (お盆)

Obon, also known as the Festival of Souls, is a traditional Japanese holiday where families come together to honor and pay respects to their ancestors. This event is one of the most significant occasions in Japanese culture, and we can still experience various kinds of activities to partake in during this special time even in…

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Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (Discounts!)

Want a Sharehouse in Tokyo? Check out our top picks (with some Discounts!) This is part of our “Sharehouse in Tokyo” Series. We will update these articles periodically with new promotions and discounts. Sharehouses in Tokyo Imagine this: you’ve finally got that sweet, sweet visa to live out in Japan, but now the other hard…

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