Furniture Hunting in Tokyo


In Japan, hunting or buying furniture can be a fulfilling quest with challenges. They must find pieces that not only match their style but also fit into Japan’s typically small living spaces. Selecting the right size and style, buying within budget, and knowing the online shopping or the secondhand options are key to making your…

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How to Go to the Doctor in Japan

Going to the doctor in Japan

Every foreigner in Japan has struggled or even avoided going to the doctor because of the language barrier or of not understanding the system. Thinking of that, we want to help you navigate through the National Health Insurance in Japan and going to the Doctor. First things first. Japan has universal healthcare, meaning everyone residing…

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Types of Employment Contracts in Japan

employment contracts in Japan

You might not know this but, there are big differences in working conditions between employment contracts in Japan. Some of them guarantee employee rights and benefits while others don’t even have an employee-employer link. Having a job in Japan is already complicated by itself, but trying to understand the bureaucracy behind it is even more…

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