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So you’ve just arrived in Japan, got settled into your apartment, and now after a grueling wait at the city ward it is time to dip your toes into finding a part time job in Japan. For those who are new to Japan and Tokyo, finding a job can seem daunting and nerve wracking and rightfully so. In reality, it is actually quite simple to find a job if you know where to look for what is available. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled onto a part-time job goldmine.

Our definitive guide to part-time jobs in Tokyo will help you increase your options for part-time jobs and potentially help prevent you from jumping at the first opportunity that arises. Despite what many people think, many part-time jobs in Tokyo are actually aimed at foreigners and we have included a good amount of jobs that do not require Japanese language skills and some surprising ones as well! So check out the list below and see if anything catches your eyes and share this article with your friends if you find it of benefit. If you're not in Japan or need some tips, be sure to check out our working holiday guide.

Looking for a full-time job?

Looking for a full-time job? Check out the ultimate guide to jobs in Tokyo at BFF Tokyo. They also have some good information on Japanese work visas and other information to help you with your job search.



There are thousands of restaurants littered around Tokyo with an endless amount of food options. Some restaurants are open late into the night and some places open at dawn for early risers. Certainly, this offers you the ability to have a part-time job with a flexible schedule which makes it a good job for a student.

Typical Salary: ¥900 - ¥1200

Part-Time Jobs at Shake shack

Cafe Internships in Tokyo

Divergent Cafe Jobs in Tokyo

Umami Burger - Tokyo

Tysons - Tokyo

Food Job Japan - General Job Search Site

Mos burger Japan - Tokyo

Tokyo 2020 olympics logo part time jobs

Special highlight: Tokyo 2020 Olympics 

Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Everyone's excited for this event. Needless to say, so are the residents and travellers who have chosen to settle down in Japan. With an influx of tourists coming to the country, the olympics committee as well as the Metropolitan government are looking for volunteers.

There are two types of volunteers:

Games Volunteers - Work specifically with the games as well as the facilities associated with the games.

City Volunteers - Work in the city. Help out at the major train stations and busy tourists spots.

Daily Salary : Unknown

Requirements :

  • Fluent French, English, Spanish, or Mandarin skills.
  • Japanese skills would be handy

Themed Restaurants

If you are looking for part-time jobs In Tokyo, working at themed restaurants might not come to mind. Whether it's the ninja restaurant or Butler cafes, they make for very unique dining experiences.  A part-time job at one of these restaurants would definitely be memorable, and if nothing else at least you could say you worked at one. Why not add another memory to your stay in Japan

Typical Salary: ¥1100 - ¥1300

Butlers Cafe

Sugoi kawaii maid cafe in Tokyo

Bartender with apron making drinks behind a bar


Foreigners are always welcome to work at bars in Tokyo. Especially in Roppongi, which is the night life capital for foreigners in Japan. Likewise as with any service industry job, this position allows you to interact with customers and would provide you with many opportunities to practice your Japanese. However, be careful if you are a student or hold a working-holiday visa, as any sort of night life or club related job is illegal.

Typical Salary: ¥900 - ¥1100
(Ginza and Roppongi Areas offer up to 2000, especially if you're female)

Dickens Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo

R2 Supper Club - Part time jobs in tokyo

Food Job Japan - General Job Search Site



Although becoming a fugu or sushi chef is out of the picture for a part-time job, there are a decent number of cooking positions available for people who have experience cooking. Japanese language is not a requirement depending on the restaurant you are interested in working for, but one to two years of experience is a requirement for paid cooking jobs.

Typical Salary: ¥1100 - ¥1500

Craigslist's Part Time Cooking Jobs

Food Job Japan Portal


English Teacher for Children

The cliche of coming to teach English in Japan is very real, but there is a reason it is so popular. Since English is in such high demand in Japan especially with 2020 around the corner, there are a plethora of English teaching jobs available for English speakers like you. Most English teaching jobs in Tokyo for English speakers can be classified into teaching children or adults. Teaching kids can be tiring but the demand for children teachers are much higher than for adults for part-time jobs in Tokyo. That also means there is more money to be earned!

Typical Salary: ¥2000- ¥2500
Typical Requirements: Native English Speaker, Bachelors Degree and experience as a teacher.

Jobs in Japan

Ohayo Sensei

Prefer teaching adults?

Yokohama Teachers

This article was created by One Coin English

We have 9 schools in Yokohama and Tokyo and have teachers from more than 35 countries. We hire teachers without University degrees  so you don't have to sweat over that degree! That's not all, you don’t have to wear a suffocating suit either! We try to expand when we can, so we are definitely hiring and looking for teachers who have a friendly attitude and want to help Japanese people to primarily build confidence and to also teach them useful English.

There are many types of English teaching here in Tokyo but we are proud of the environment we have created and so are many of the teachers who work here.

Typical Salary: ¥1200 - ¥1550

Application form


If this isn't for you - please visit Gaba, ECC, Aeon or Interac!


Fast Food Delivery

If you are in the city, it’s likely you have seen a person buzzing by on a motorcycle with a pizza or other food to be delivered.  As mobile ordering becomes more popular, fast food companies employ people to deliver their food. Take note that this job would require a driver's license. Vehicles are typically provided by the company. We have seen foreigners deliver for McDonalds and other restaurants. Your best chance of finding these positions would be at Japan Work.

Typical Salary: ¥900- ¥1100

Japan Work


McDonalds Kitchen Staff and Counter Staff in Tokyo


Convenience Store

Iraaaashaaimase! You have definitely heard this phrase before and it means welcome. Out of every job, コンビニ (Lawson, 7/11, etc) offer the most flexibility in terms of schedule making due to 24/7 service. Working night shift will also net you a few extra 100 yen an hour.  Usually, positions at konbinis require a good grasp of Japanese.

Typical Salary: ¥900 - ¥1300

Japan Job Seekers in Kanto

Lawson - Tokyo Job openings

Seven Eleven - Tokyo Openings

Family Mart - Job Openings in Kanto



So you might be thinking, I don’t turn heads on the street, how on earth am I supposed to get into part-time modelling especially in Tokyo?! You don’t need to worry about that. The Japanese entertainment industry is always looking for western faces for modelling and even appearances in movies, tv shows, or variety shows. If you become well known enough, you could even become a media personality ( or what's called a tarento). If you want to step your foot into the modelling industry, here are a couple agencies which cast foreign talent. However, be careful about the shady side of the entertainment industry. As there are companies who will scam you out of your money.

Typical Salary: Varies
( Magazine work can earn up to ¥10,000 - ¥20,000 per shoot)

Avocado Modelling Agency in Tokyo

Free Wave


Alpha Modelling in Tokyo

Echoes Modelling in Tokyo

Remix model

Acqua Tokyo

Lazaris Tokyo

CDU Modelling

Exile Hype

aWake Modelling


Hotel Industry

Tokyo attracts millions of tourists, and with the addition of the 2020 Olympics coming up it is going to get even crazier. Which means a boom for the hotel industry, and also many openings that come with it. In order to accommodate foreigners, hotels like to hire multilingual staff for the reception desks. Some of the most sought out languages include Chinese, Korean, and English.

If you prefer less interaction with the guests, housekeeping is a good option. A typical work day will include cleaning rooms and restocking the guest's supplies. This job is perferrable for someone with a lot of stamina as it involves as a lot of physical movement.

Certainly some hotels also offer other positions such as bellhops or working in the attached restaurants or spas. The hotel industry is a great place to start when looking for part-time jobs in Tokyo.

Typical Salary: ¥900 - ¥1100

Hilton Hotel Part Time Openings in Tokyo

Palace Hotel Part Time Tokyo employment

Person scanning a barcode in retail


Electronic, clothes, drug stores, all of these kinds of retail stores employ foreigners to attract foreigners. Check out big name brand stores which manage to draw customers from around the world because the ability to speak another language is a big plus.

Typical Salary: ¥1000- ¥1200

Uniqlo Retail Part Time Position Jobs In Tokyo

H&M Retail Part Time Position Jobs in Tokyo

team Japan Switch

The Most Affordable Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

In addition to providing great content and information for foreigners, we also run a Japanese language school that focuses on teaching you how to speak and other practical things and will not make you spend hours and hours learning how to write Japanese

  • 1500 yen group lessons
  • 3000 yen private lessons
  • No enrollment or hidden fees
  • Monthly contracts
  • Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Open Weekdays 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Please note that we do not sponsor student VISAS

Travel Guide

A travel guide is a good position for those who are knowledgeable about the Tokyo area. Recently, tours centered around food and drinks have become popular. This would mean taking a small group around to many of the secret dining establishments off the beaten path. Did I mention that you get the enjoy to the food as well? Being a tour guide is a great way to get outside as opposed to being stuck inside your entire work shift.

Typical Salary: Varies a lot

The Backstreet Guides Part-Time Positions in Tokyo

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