Credit Card in Japan for Foreigners: How to choose and apply

If you have gone past getting a phone number and a bank account, then it's time to get a credit card! We'll help you choose the best credit card in Japan for foreigners and apply for one.

Having a credit card in Japan helps with, especially, online shopping. If you're also thinking of moving to a different apartment but the initial costs are too high, a lot of real estate companies accept credit cards as payment.

Best Credit Card in Japan

Credit Card Options for Foreigners

Recently more options are becoming available for foreigners in Japan. Some don't even require a bank account, like EPOS, or have partnerships with big stores such as Apple, like Paidy. Let's talk about each of them.

The requirements for all of the cards below are not clear. Things like age, employment, and time in Japan are considered and might be decisive.

We listed the ones that are the easiest to get. Unfortunately, it will have to be by trial and error.



Paidy is an option that has become very popular recently, especially due to a partnership with Apple that allows Paidy users to buy Apple products in installments (up to 24x!)

It might be easy to get one but the credit amount available is sometimes low (around 30k).

Apply for the Paidy Credit Card by downloading the app available for Android and iOS.




If you buy at Marui, you certainly have heard of the EPOS card. It is very quick and easy to apply for one, making it one of the, if not the most, easiest credit cards in Japan for a foreigner to apply for. If you apply for the card and are accepted, you'll be granted 2,000 points on the card.

→ You can apply for one in a Marui store or online here.



Yes, the popular pay App also offers Credit Cards in Japan, among services like bank accounts and investments. Getting a credit card here is not the easiest but much better when compared to major banks in Japan. The advantage here is that you can use your credit card to Top Up your PayPay account and have all the services in just one place.

→ You can apply for the credit card directly from the app.


Rakuten Card

Rakuten Card is also one of the best credit card options out there. And easy too! If you are having difficulties applying for one, they do have some support in English and this official page will help you go through every step of the application process.

New users are also eligible for up to 5,000 points!

You can apply for a Rakuten Card here or with their app.

Credit Cards in Japan: Common Requirements

  • Be of 20 years of age
  • Be a resident of Japan
  • Have a stable job or source of income
  • Been living in Japan for longer than 6 months

Keep in mind that these criteria can change and each card issuer has its own set of requirements. You will only know if you meet the requirements after applying for the a credit card.


  • For all the cards listed above, most of them offer Free membership, depending on the type of card you select (so read through the notes when choosing a cute card design!).


  • If you are rejected, don't apply multiple times. Somehow the issuers keep track. Wait for around 6 months before applying again!


  • Having a job or some sort of income increases your chances of being accepted.


  • Make sure your name in the application is the exact same as your Residence Card, the name is checked during delivery and they will not give it to you if it is not the same.


These are the best credit card options in Japan available for foreigners at the moment. I hope this article helped you understand and choose a card to apply. And as a final note...

English support?

EPOS and Rakuten Card have website portals that can be translated easily using your browser. However, the apps Paidy and PayPay have only partial translations from Japanese to English.