Direction to the Ginza School Ginza Station A3

Step 1: Make sure you're at Ginza Station and not Higashi-Ginza Station. From the exits, A3 is the closest to the school

Step 2: Once you have exited A3, walk forwards. You should see Ginza Core and GÜ.

Step 3:  This step should roughly take 5-10minutes. You will pass a Prada, Mizuho Bank, Fendi, Uniqlo, Celine, Zara, Yamaha & lastly MontBlanc.

Step 4: Turn left once you pass Montblanc

Step 5: Walk straight and you should pass a Family Mart on your right.

Step 6: When you are at the crossing, turn right and go towards Ruan.

Step 7: Go past Ruan and keep going forward, you should see a big red sign and a Donkihote shop at the end of the street.

Step 8: Under the red sign you should see our building. It is next to the Tanakawa Gallary.

Step 9: Congratulations you have made it! Step inside and press the elevator button to the second floor and you'll see our logo again!