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So you want to see your options for Part Time Jobs in Yokohama - or as some would put it - the better Tokyo. Less people, more affordable, what’s not to like? Not only does it have a lively city atmosphere, it is also a stone’s throw away to great beaches and nature. And if you ever want to visit Tokyo, it is only a thirty minute train ride away.
So if Yokohama has caught your attention and you want to find out about the many part time jobs in Yokohama available for foreigners, below are some of our top choices!


Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Bar staff

Restaurants and Bars

Does mixing a ハイボール in a back street izakaya appeal to you? Maybe a Part Time Job in Yokohama at a bar or restaurant work would suit you. Dining establishments offer a great chance to chat with the locals. Bars can be open late into the night and some places open at dawn for the bright and early. This offers you the ability to create a flexible schedule. Lots of restaurants and bars will typically advertise for help on their window and if you find one that particularly catches your attention, it doesn’t hurt to go in with a resume and ask.
Here are several pubs where we have seen foreigners working at and do not require Japanese language skills.

Antenna America - Part Time Jobs in Yokohama

Baird Beer - Yokohama Branch

Green Sheep - Yokohama Branch


Clothing Stores

Japan is known for some of their outlandish styles, but just because you are not in Harajuku doesn’t mean you won’t find any fashionable stores. Like Tokyo, Yokohama has high end brands stores like Gucci and popular stores such as Uniqlo and H&M. You will have lots of face to face interactions with people, which makes it great part-time job if you want to work and practice your Japanese at the same time.


Uniqlo Retail Jobs
H&M Part Time Retail Jobs

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Person scanning a barcode in retail
a man cleaning a window with a wiper

Housekeeping or Caregiving

If mingling with the public isn’t your type of role, then housekeeping might be right for you. Housekeeping is a low profile job with only limited interactions with guests. There are also other benefits to housekeeping. Even if you are just working part-time, a well established hotels provide workers with health insurance and uniforms. Our best suggestion is to look online for these positions, and it doesn’t hurt to send a resume to the hiring department as housekeepers are always needed.

Naukri jobs in japan
Pinoy Life - Job Posting

English Teacher

Why teach English? Because it's a flexible, fun, and a great introduction to the working world in Japan. While some schools require that you have a TOEFL certification or a year of teaching experience; in general, a bachelor degree is the most important qualification. Some schools don’t even require that, just a friendly attitude and willingness to work hard. If you are not a native speaker, don’t worry - a lot of schools only judge based on fluency. Teaching English also has a good hourly rate. There is a reason people from all over the world come to teach English in Japan.

Jobs in Japan


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