Shinjuku School Map from Shinjuku JR West Exit

Map to Shinjuku School from JR West Exit

(Picture 1)Please remember to start from the West Exit!  If you are going to come from a different train line (not JR), please look for the signs pointing towards the West Exit of JR. Not Central West Exit, but WEST EXIT.

(Picture 2 and 3 ) For people coming from JR, please start by exiting JR Station from the West Exit.

(Picture 4) In order to fully exit the train station, use the escalator beside GODIVA as shown in the above picture to exit the lower level of the building. The escalators going up are located directly in front of the West exit of JR.

(Picture 5) Locate the exit of the building(Odakyu) to fully exit JR West train station. Once you exit the building, turn right and walk straight.

(Picture 6 and 7) Walk straight ahead until you reach the big crossing. You will pass by a few stores along the way, including UNIQLO and KFC, just to name a few.

(Picture 8) Cross the big crossing and again, walk straight.

(Picture 9) You should be walking along this side of the road and this is what you will see. You will see a Lawson and a Seven Eleven on the opposite side of the road.

(Picture 10) Please cross the road to the other side once you reach the stop light. When you cross, you will arrive in front of Sukiya.

(Picture 11) One you have crossed, turn to your right and go straight until you see Karada Factory and you will also encounter the signboard of One Coin English. Please go to the 4th floor and you have finally arrived at OCE! Congratulations! 🙂

Japan Switch Students - We are located inside of One Coin English on the 4th floor.