We understand you, living and teaching English part-time in Tokyo is something magical. You meet new people, experience a different culture and develop a strong career. Although teaching English is amazing, it is not all that there is to do in Tokyo. The Japanese capital has over 35 million people, making it the biggest city in the world. It is a city full of neon lights, modern buildings, dazzling technology and historical places such as temples and shrines. Here at One Coin English, we love exploring Tokyo and enjoying life in this amazing city that has many things to do in every corner. For that reason, here are 5 things you must do in Tokyo.


Tokyo is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. Japan's capital has so many great events and activities that it took us quite a while to come up with this list.

Artsy Adventure in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Located just 2 stations away from Shibuya station using the Toyoko Line, Nakameguro is a hidden gem that not many people know. This neighborhood is very famous for being hip and artsy. Everywhere you go in Nakameguro, you will see a collection of hip cafes, artsy clothing stores, and gorgeous local wine bars. This calm but cool neighborhood is the best alternative for crowded places such as Shinjuku or Shibuya. Last but not least, Nakameguro is at its best when the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. It is truly a magical experience seeing all the cherry blossoms along the river that goes through the Meguro area. In addition, you can also find Daikanyama station located between Nakameguro and Shibuya. Famous for its elegant atmosphere, international environment thanks to its many embassies, beautiful cafes and designer brand shops.

See the Future in Odaiba

Home of the headquarters of Fuji Television and the famous Gundam statue, Odaiba is a breathtaking area that offers us a glimpse into future technology and what life will be like in a futuristic Japan. Odaiba is the home of big shopping malls, amusement parks such as Joypolis, incredible views of the Tokyo skyline and the breathtaking National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. If you love technology and sci-fi as much as I do, I am sure you will have a blast in Odaiba.

You can get to Odaiba, Tokyo by the Rinkai or Yurikamome lines. You can actually get to Odaiba only taking one train on the Rinkai line from Osaki station, which one station from our Gotanda school on the Yamanote Line. If you are looking part-time jobs in Tokyo for English speakers, One Coin English Gotanda is the best place for you.

One of the most famous tourist spots in Tokyo, Senso-Ji has a magical atmosphere that attracts people from all over the world. Many locals come here to pray in New Years Day. Besides its beautiful architecture, there is a big shopping district that has a great variety of goods such as souvenirs, traditional Japanese goods, and delicious street food.

Nature in the Heart of The City

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park has to be one of the best parks in Tokyo’s concrete jungle. For a very low price of a couple hundred yen, you can see astonishing English, French and Japanese gardens. During their days off, people love doing picnics, watching cherry blossoms and relaxing while enjoying the beauty of Shinjuku Gyoen. Once an imperial garden, it became a national park after World War II. Great for dates or just to spend several hours enjoying nature while having a view of all the big building in the city. Shinjuku Gyoen is around a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku station and is a 15-minute walk from our Shinjuku school.

Famous Crosswalk

There is something marvelous about Shibuya at dusk. There is a beautiful mix of different shades of orange and purple. The neon lights illuminate the city filled with all kinds of people, everyone knows Shibuya and its crosswalk. There are so many things to do, shopping, drinking at an izakaya, trying delicious food at Hikarie, watching a movie in Toho Cinemas and even walking to Yoyogi park. The possibilities are endless in Shibuya.

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Dozens of movies have featured this mesmerizing crosswalk. The neon lights and larger than life advertisements irradiate pedestrians with both energy and prosperity.

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