Part Time Jobs in Shinjuku


Part-Time Jobs in Shinjuku

There is no doubt that Shinjuku is the heart of the Japanese capital and home of the world’s busiest train station. This neon packed district has many tourist attractions and cultural landmarks. From its futuristic Robot Restaurant, Cocoon Tower and Toho cinemas with its big Godzilla statue to its more traditional areas such as Shinjuku Gyoen and Hanazono Shrine. There is something for everyone in Shinjuku. In addition, many Hollywood movies have featured this amazing area, movies such as Lost in Translation and the movie that made me want to move to Japan, one of my personal favorites: The Wolverine.

Last but not least, we cannot go on without mentioning Shinjuku’s numerous drinking areas: Kabukicho, Omoide Yokocho, and Golden Gai. There are many fun jobs that will help you become more immersed and experienced here, in Shinjuku, the city that never sleeps. Here in One Coin English, we are proud to present: Part Time Jobs in Shinjuku.

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Restaurant and Bar Staff

If you love international cuisine then Shinjuku is the right place for you. There are hundreds of ethnic restaurants in the city that never sleeps. From Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern food, all the way to the Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine. In addition to food, many people come to here to drink. There are not only Japanese style Izakayas but also western styles bars. Restaurants are great places to work part-time in Shinjuku since there are many chances to practice your Japanese and work with the locals first hand.


Working in a Japanese restaurant might be sometimes fast-paced and intense some might say. However, it is a great way to practice your Keigo and omotenashi. I a lot of my friends who worked at restaurants had the best Japanese abilities and deepest understanding of the working culture.

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Currency Exchange Assistant

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics coming in less than 2 years, many tourists come to Japan to experience its rich culture and unique atmosphere. For that reason, many currency exchange companies such as Sakura Exchange are hiring foreign workers who can speak English (preferably also another language such as Spanish or Mandarin) and conversational Japanese. If you are someone who loves talking to people from many countries, working in an outdoor environment and helping people. This is definitely the right job for you.


One of the things I love to do while wandering in Tokyo is to help tourists. Many foreign visitors need some help and you can make a difference in their trip to Japan. I remember helping an Iranian family who immigrated to Australia. They didn't know how to buy an IC Card for the train. I had to so much fun helping them. They were great people.

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Apparel Shops

If you are like me and love fashion, Shinjuku is heaven for you. While it is not as famous as Harajuku, there are many apparel shops here with something unique to offer. From the must-haves such as Uniqlo and GU to the fancy shops like Gucci. On the other hand, you have Lumine Est, a favorite among the Shinjuku dwellers. This department shop has a repertoire of local Japanese brands that ooze both the Kawaii style that many Japanese women love and the cool yet formal style that many men wear.

I had a friend in my Japanese school that used to work at Uniqlo in Ikebukuro. He loved every minute of it. He enjoyed learning about Japanese omotenashi (customer service) while also helping foreign visitors. Please have in mind that business level Japanese is necessary for many (not all) of these stores. It is a great way to learn about Japanese customer service while working part-time in Shinjuku.


If working in a fast paced restaurant is not your thing and you have the love for fashion, working at an apparel shop might be the right job for you. In addition to practicing your Japanese and Keigo, you can learn about the business culture in Japan.

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Tour Guide

Office jobs are not for everyone since you have to spend so much time indoors in front of a computer monitor. What if I tell you there is a perfect part-time job for passionate people who love outdoor activities and interacting with people. The tour guide job has to be one of the most enjoyable jobs out there. However, In order to successfully carry this job, a good knowledge of the area and its history is necessary. If you are a history buff like me, this job could be interesting. Also, a good grasp of Japanese is a huge plus. The good thing is that many of this companies pay for your food and drinking fees. Since there are so many places to see in Tokyo, you will be able to travel and see for yourself the many wonderful places that this city has to offer.


If you love traveling, history and being a community leader this is the right job for you. Being a tour guide is a great gig, many companies pay for your expenses such as food, drinks and events fees. Moreover, you can be a leader and guide visitors through Tokyo's many exciting landmarks and attractions.

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English Teacher

What I love most about being an English teacher is the feeling that I am making a change in people’s lives. The fact that students become more confident and sure of themselves each and every day is satisfying, to say the least. The job of an English teacher is not only the job of an instructor but that of an influencer. The best memories I have made in Japan have been while teaching English. If you have a good grasp of the English language (if you are reading this article I assume you do) and don’t want to work in the service industry, this is the right place for you.

There are over 15 English schools in Shinjuku. Not only does your interpersonal skills improve, but also your presentation skills and management skills as well. You get to experience Japan and its people first hand. Last but not least, English teachers usually have a very good hourly rate which can help you. Especially if you are a student and need some funds (trust me, I’ve been there).


Helping people achieve their language goals is a very satisfying job. Teaching English part-time in Tokyo has completely changed me. I became a more empathetic and grounded person. I love my students and being part of a strong community can ease the pain of living in a foreign country.

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One Coin English is the new guy on the block in the language school business. We started in 2014 with 3 people and now have rapidly grown to over 100 staff in 2018. We place a high priority on hard work, health, teamwork, responsibility, and honesty and believe these are the keys factors for an inspiring and humble work environment. Japan is stagnant and having an international crisis. Globalization is happening but many Japanese people, even after more than 6 years of English education, have difficulties speaking English.

That is where we come in, our mission is to expose our students to the outside world. We are ambassadors of our own countries and we give students the key to a different life and a different way of thinking. In addition, we welcome teachers from all over the world and we accept all kinds of fashion and personalities. Our motto is “Be Yourself”.

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