Tokyo Fireworks Events 2024

Tokyo Fireworks

As the warm summer breeze sweeps across the bustling streets of Tokyo, a sense of excitement and anticipation for Tokyo Fireworks in August fills the air. August is a month of vibrant celebration in the heart of Japan’s capital, marked by a spectacular array of fireworks festivals that paint the night sky with a kaleidoscope…

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Working Holiday Japan Guide: Things you need to know

part-time job

Working Holiday In Tokyo, Japan! With 2024 just around the corner and covid restrictions easing up, more foreigners than ever before are coming to Japan. Many have chosen to come as tourists, language students and others on working holiday visas. A lot of people want to work and travel in Tokyo, Japan and wonder what…

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Part Time Jobs in Shinjuku

Part-Time Jobs in Shinjuku There is no doubt that Shinjuku is the heart of the Japanese capital and home of the world’s busiest train station. This neon packed district has many tourist attractions and cultural landmarks. From its futuristic Robot Restaurant, Cocoon Tower and Toho cinemas with its big Godzilla statue to its more traditional…

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5 Things you Must do in Tokyo while Teaching English Part-Time

We understand you, living and teaching English part-time in Tokyo is something magical. You meet new people, experience a different culture and develop a strong career. Although teaching English is amazing, it is not all that there is to do in Tokyo. The Japanese capital has over 35 million people, making it the biggest city…

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