Directions to the Ikebukuro School JR East

Before leaving the JR or Tobu Tojo Line, make sure to look for signs headed towards the East Exit.

(Picture 1 and 2) Upon leaving your station, immediately look for signs pointing towards the East Exit. You will have to go up 2 sets of stairs as seen in the pictures above. Follow the directions until you reach the East Exit.

(Picture 3 and 4) Once you have fully exited the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station, you will see a big crosswalk in front of you. A Sundrug can be seen on the opposite side of the road. When you reach the opposite side of the road, turn right and walk straight until you reach another crosswalk.

(Picture 5 and 6) You will see a Matsumoto Kiyoshi sign and Sweetie Nail (as seen above) on the opposite side of the road. Cross and continue walking on the road beside Sweetie Nail.

(Picture 7,  Picture 8) While walking, you will pass by a Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore, a Don Quijote, a Pearl Lady and a 100 yen store.

(Picture 9) Keep walking until you reach Lotteria. Turn left on this corner and you will see Picture 10 (as seen below)

(Picture 10) Walk straight along the right side of the street.

(Picture 10). You will see an SMBC Bank on your side of the street. The One Coin building is right beside it!

(Picture 11) The OCE office building has the following signs found outside the building. You will see Olive Spa, a LIPTY, A Manga Cafe, and St. Marc Bakery and Cafe (サンマルクカフェ).

(Picture 12) The entrance to the building is right beside St. Marc’s Cafe.

(Picture 13) Enter the building and ride the elevator going to the 6th floor (Picture 13)

(Picture 14) The school entrance is on the right. Congratulations, you made it!