Directions to the Kichijoji School

(Picture 1) To get to the North Exit, first, try and locate signs pointing towards the Central Gate. Follow the signs until you reach the Central Gate.

(Picture 2) Exit from the Central Gate and immediately turn left and walk  towards the North Exit.

(Picture 3) Follow the signs leading to the North Exit until you reach the stairs shown in the picture above. Go down the stairs at the North Exit.

(Picture 4) Leave the station from the North Exit and turn right towards the crosswalk.

(Picture 5) Cross the street. Keep going straight and you will see the Kichijoji Sunroad shopping street in front of you.

(Picture 6) Enter the Kichijoji Sunroad shopping street and walk straight.

(Picture 7) You will pass by a McDonald’s and a big Shoe Plaza store on the left, keep walking straight.

(Picture 8) You will also pass by an Excelsior Cafe on the right, keep going straight.

(Picture 9) You will see a SoftBank and a DHC on the right. The Kichijoji One Coin English School is in the building between DHC and Tutuanna*.

(Picture 10) The OCE building has the following signs outside the building. You will see Mimi Beauty Salon, ALPHA BEAUTE, Tutuanna* and Ichiran Ramen Shop.

(Picture 11) This is what the entrance looks like. Enter the building and go to the 4th floor.

Congratulations, you made it!